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Nortel SLI PBX,  Nortel M1 PBX, Nortel Meridian Mail, Nortel Meridian Max, Nortel SCCS (scripting and admin), Nortel BCM, Nortel MICS key systems, Hitachi HD-200 PBX, NEC 2400 PBX, Octel Aspen Branch voice mail



Norstar Application modules, Nortel Mat/OTM, Nortel Call Pilot, Nortel Miran, Avaya Key Systems, Comdial Key Systems  Nortel Companion, Octel 250 voice mail, Centigram voice mail, Teleseries Call Accounting and ACD, All types of paging, CSU/DSU’s, Adtran multiplexers, DSL/cable modems, small routers, most PC based Applications including Microsoft Windows/Office


Basic electronics (26 weeks) and telephony technical training (28 weeks) at the U.S. Coast Guard training center Governors Island NY NY. Factory certification achieved on the following brands through company sponsored training: Mitel SX-100 PBX, AT&T model 40 teletype, Hitachi EX-10 PBX, Hitachi DX-30 PBX, Hitachi HD 200 PBX, NEC Neac 2400 PBX, Nortel Pulse 120 PBX, Nortel SL1 PBX, Nortel M-1 PBX, Nortel Meridian Mail, Nortel Meridian Max, Nortel Symposium Call Center (admin and scripting), Nortel BCM,  Octel Aspen Branch voice mail. Other Brands with indepth experience: Nortel Norstar key systems, Nortel Norstar Application modules, Nortel MAT and OTM, Nortel Call Pilot voicemail, Nortel Miran, Nortel Companion wireless, Octel 250 voicemail, Centigram voicemail, Teleseries call accounting and ACD, paging systems, most CSU/DSU’s, Adtran T-1 multiplexers, DSL/Cable modems, many p.c. based applications including Microsoft Windows/Office.
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